Evolution of Senõr Crossbones.

The skull and crossbones design in general, is without a doubt, one of the most used illustrations in t-shirt graphics. An all time favourite among illustrators and graphic designers.
Due to It’s ever ending popularity and design trends, it’s been somewhat watered down, so doing a Crossbones, obviously has to come with some kind of personal approach. Through time, many great and even more not-so-great interpretations has see the light of day.

Senõr Crossbones isn’t revolutionary, but it captures what Sandbird is all about, in it’s own unique way. Bold lines, powerful execution and humor. Done as a cyclops, is a great way to show some querky dynamics.It spans a nod to the old school skateboard graphics, which is kinda what got Sandbird going in the first place.

A shoutout to the legacy of Jeff Klindt (rip), V. Courtlandt Johnson, Marc McKee and obviously the man himself; Jim Phillips. To name a few who really stands out. Copied by many, succeeded by few. Who the hell wants a lame knockoff anyways?!
When riders like Chris Miller, Mark Gonzales and Neil Blender, really put the 80’s and 90’s in the era of skateboardings artistic subculture.

With nostalgic admiration of the drawings, Senõr Crossbones is, for us, the perfect shout out!
And now serves as a flag of our own brand.